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Typically, a session is about an hour with the client fully clothed for energy work or draped to their comfort level for massage. Many people feel the energy in the form of intense heat or cold, deep relaxation or imagery. While these are common experiences, there is no right or wrong way to experience a session and every experience will be unique.

Not only may you experience shifts, subtle or intense during the session, but the energy of the work will continue to move through you for days, weeks, months or even years afterwards. Allow yourself to experience whatever it is that you move into, with respect for your body, mind and spirit in this time.

Lara is a bodyworker who:

  • Helps women get in touch with their body and the emotions associated with it
  • Listens and responds intuitively by accessing life force energy
  • Respects and holds space for the body's wisdom
  • Approaches deep healing work gently and respectfully
  • Has experience working with and witnessing positive shifts with conditions such as cancer, heart conditions, stress, emotional and physical pain, headaches, skin conditions, and more...
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