Classes are designed to guide each student to open their hearts, discover optimal body alignment, experience the harmony of strength and flexibility, and embrace radical transformation of the inner and outer body. Our studio offers hot and non-heated classes to provide students the opportunity to realize the benefits of a yoga practice within both environments.

Fundamental:  A Fundamental class focuses in greater depth on technique and alignment principles.  This is a wonderful class for both beginner and advanced students, as it is the foundation of one’s practice.

Expanding: Expand your practice from a strong foundation to more challenging posture variations

Meditation : Pranayama and centering exercises prepare students for a seated meditation with guidance. A meditation practice helps students to connect to the inherent wisdom within by developing greater self-awareness and attuning to Prana, “breath.” The practice offers clarity to the nature of the mind, and opens opportunities to explore and transform patterns of reactivity, attachment, and aversion, as well as cultivate a deeper relationship with one’s divine self.

Pre-Natal Yoga : Yoga postures and breathing techniques designed to help mothers-to-be to connect more deeply to their inherent wisdom, as well as enhance a healthy pregnancy and delivery. Pre-natal yoga helps to alleviate common discomforts during pregnancy such as nausea, swelling, back pain, constipation, varicose veins and more. This supportive environment is a wonderful opportunity for expectant mothers to share their journeys, as well as celebrate the wonderful changes both mommy and baby are experiencing.

Yoga Therapy : A self-empowering class for individuals who are experiencing physical challenges, such as back pain, arthritis or recurring injuries.  Gently align the body through postures supported by props, and attune to conscious healing through meditation and pranayama.




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