Kensington Foot Orthotics
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Dean Hanus, of Kensington Foot Orthotics, makes unique orthotics to fit your feet. These supports - made to be inserted into runners, hiking boots, dress shoes, or even high heels – are compact and light. They even fit into your skates, ski boots and roller blades.

At Kensington Foot Orthotics, we specialize in the use of Superfeet™. Superfeet orthotics are like no other orthotic devices on the market. Superfeet are not made from computer generated data, a foam box impression, or foot casting. You will find no unnatural padding or lumps on a Superfeet orthotic.

Superfeet are the only orthotics made completely in the non-weight bearing position, without the use of plaster casting. Using Superfeet's patented Bio-Vac System, a trained technician properly positions your foot during the fabrication process. Superfeet's specially designed stabilizer caps are heated, then vacuum molded to your actual foot, in its ideal functioning position. The result is a biomechanically correct, semi-rigid orthotic.

With Hanus’ patented orthotics, you can continue to wear your favorite, fashionable shoe. Great for shock absorption when exercising and general comfort in everyday use, orthotics can be made for every member of the family, even children. Sizes range up to, and including, size 13 and larger.

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