We have three different levels of adult and teen classes available for ages13 to as old as you want to continue to train:

    * beginner (white belt, yellow stripe, yellow belt, green stripe belt)
    * intermediate(green belt, blue stripe belt, blue belt)
    * advanced (red stripe belt, red stripe, black stripe belt, and varying degrees of black belt)

Our children's program is divided into two age groups:

    * Little Ninjas are for ages 5 to 7
    * Little Dragons are for ages 8 to 12

In addition to regular scheduled classes, there are specialty programs offered to our students, such as

    * weapons training currently available on alternating Saturdays
    * Seminars on the use of Nunchaku (also known as nunchucks)
    * Tournament participation is not mandatory

We also offer specialty programs to both our members and the general public, such as

    * Energy Yoga
    * Self-defence courses

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