Jiu Jitsu Calgary Combines Traditional Jiu Jitsu Techniques in a modern environment for a practical and effective system of Self Defense

Techniques can also be applied by those competing in the Sporting Arena.


Come and train with us in the fastest growing Martial Art, right here in town. With the increased number of attacks in the City, have you ever considered how would you react if you were suddenly attacked?

At Jiu Jitsu Calgary, we go far beyond teaching effective techniques, classes are great for improving Health, Ffitness, Awareness and Personal Confidence.

Awareness includes learning how you can quickly recognize danger and discover how to use the objects available in your immediate environment, and using them in your Self Protection as a method of ensuring your safety.

At Jiu-Jitsu Calgary, you will also learn a variety of simple physical techniques that have been proven as ultra effective, including Strikes, Pressure Points, Hold Escapes, Breakfalls, Throws, grappling, Joint Locks and defensive techniques against Punching, Kicking and defense against Weapon attacks.

We are committed to the Art of Jiu Jitsu and making it available to Everyone who is willing to learn - Children, Teenagers, Adults and the Elderley, including people who are physically disadvantaged.


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