Jamison Family Wealth Management
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What does Family Wealth Management encompass?
House-holding of multi-generational assets Comprehensive financial planning (which encompasses your top 3 goals) Reducing taxes Family income splitting Retirement planning Risk management Vacation home planning Protecting assets Teaching your children financial responsibility Education Effective use of surplus assets Business succession planning Charitable giving Will and Estate planning

What is important to you?
Assets – transferring wealth to the next generation
Balance – how to stop juggling and make it all work
Budgeting - making your money go further
Career – preparing for a new job or a maternity leave
Children – saving for education costs
Community – charitable giving
Disability – caring for a disabled child
Education – learning about investments
Environment – aligning investments with your social values
Insurance - your family is covered, just in case
Retirement – when, where, how?
Savings – to deal with financial emergencies, if they occur
Vacations – planning your dream getaway or buying a cottage

How will you maintain your lifestyle during retirement?
What if your health fails?
How will you transfer wealth to the next generation?

 Baby Boomers
Are you responsible for the well-being of an aging parent?

The following issues may be on your mind:

  • Maintaining a sustainable income flow
  • Estate planning
  • Tax planning
  • Worry-free investments
  • Liquidity
  • Gifting (to family or charity)
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Critical illness

We can help you design the right portfolio to meet your needs.
With patience and a unique blend of boutique-style, customized service, Jamison Family Wealth Management  works with you to provide peace of mind.

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