J.A. Barlett, Facial Cosmetic Surgery
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On your first visit to the office, you can expect to meet Dr. Bartlett and his staff for an in-depth consultation. You will be provided with as much time as is necessary to satisfactorily answer any questions you may have. Consultation often includes computer imaging to illustrate potential changes that surgery can offer.

In coming to a decision regarding your facial surgery, you will work closely with Dr. Bartlett in establishing the aesthetic goals and expectations of surgery.

Dr. Bartlett and his staff welcome any questions you or your family may have regarding the details of the surgery or office treatment, post-operative care and recovery, and the expected final outcome. You can be assured that all inquiries and interaction with the office are confidential.

We respect your need for time and information in coming to a decision regarding your surgery. We encourage you to read literature provided and we certainly welcome a second visit at no charge to help you arrive at a satisfactory decision. Once a decision is made regarding surgery, a convenient date will be set and further details of the surgery clarified.

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