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Weight Loss
Imagine Laserworks for Weight Loss, Lose Weight Now.
“I decided to have laser therapy done as I did not seem to be able to stick to a diet. I have been having laser since Oct 7 and found it very successful.

Research has shown that stimulating specific acupuncture points in the ear will suppress your appetite and cravings and enhance your current diet and exercise program. Laser treatments are safe and have an 85-94% success rate, although individual results may vary.

•Speed up your metabolism
•Decrease your appetite
•Control your hunger cravings
•Increase your endorphin levels
The pounds and inches will take care of themselves.
The laser treatment works as an appetite suppressant, reducing cravings.

Cold, soft, non-invasive laser beams are directed at 37  points on the body – similar to acupuncture, but with out needles.

You will sit in a comfortable recliner while a technician points beams of light at the tips of your fingers and toes, and at points on your knees and elbows.

Cold lasers, also known as low level lasers, stimulate the metabolism and enable the body to use food effectively rather than storing it as fat.

When stimulated with a laser beam, specific points on the body signal the brain to release endorphins.

Increased endorphins reduce production of the stress hormone, cortisol, in turn reducing cravings. When your body is in balance, yoru cravings will stop.

The laser treatment improves will power. You’ll feel motivated to eat smaller portions, stay away from sweets and increase your level of physical activity.

Eating more fruits and vegetables will help along with less saturated fat and sugar.

You will experience increased energy.

The laser treatments, which are customized to fit each individual’s needs, include follow up, nutritional guidance and motivational support.

End Drug or Alcohol Addictions Now

Lifestyle behaviors that respond well to Low Level Laser Therapy include the abuse of drugs and alcohol.

Withdrawal from Drugs or Alcohol can be difficult, but with the advancement of Low Level Laser technology withdrawal and cravings can be minimal or nonexistent.

If you have never experienced a real addiction, then it may be hard to understand. You may be tempted to criticize, lecture or moralize. We all know that approach doesn’t work.

The addiction centers in the mind and it is the only disease that tries to convince people that they don’t have it. Psychologists call this the state of denial.

Healthy Coping Mechanisms
Many people are stuck in a cycle of addiction because their unhealthy lifestyle behavior is a substitute for healthy coping mechanisms. This means their emotional growth was stunted at some point and it stays that way until they recover

Using drugs or alcohol feels like a quick escape solution; but always results in serious long-term health and relationship problems. Far from seeking substance abuse treatment, many addicts and alcoholics persist in self-destruction despite knowing the extreme consequences.

You want to quit but you feel trapped. It has nothing to do with ‘will-power’. Your brain is physically addicted to ‘feeling good’ and demands the substance. How long will it take to overcome your addiction? Every person and situation is different. But if you are ready to begin, Imagine Laserworks is a positive step towards freedom.

Stop Smoking with Laser Therapy!

Visit an Imagine Laserworks Centre and Quit Smoking Now.
– Laser Therapy to Stop Smoking


IMAGINE - You can quit smoking in less than 1 hour

IMAGINE Laserworks technology has helped thousands of people stop … Quit smoking!

The Facts:

1.Tobacco, in the form of cigarettes, is the most addictive drug in the world.
2.Nicotine is one of the strongest stimulants known.
3.Smoking is one of the most efficient drug-delivery systems.
4.Smoking actually puts drugs into the brain more directly than intravenous injection.
It is true that one of the benefits of smoking is the brief relief of internal tension;

Unfortunately, within 20 minutes the tension is back stronger than before, demanding – another fix.

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