We have people coming in daily for many reasons. One of the most common reasons is weight loss or weight maintenance.

If you commit to coming three times a week, you will see and feel dramatic results in less than four weeks!
Many have lost up to 23 pounds in just one month of yoga! But it’s all up to you! If you commit to that, you will make better choices, eat better, and drink more water. Through that, your life will change.

We practice REAL YOGA for REAL PEOPLE! And we come in all shapes and sizes and sweat together in that hot room!

There are several types of yoga out there, and if you want to make changes, then give us a try! We may not be the easiest yoga out there, but we will give you the quickest benefits. Thru physical yoga you gain mental clarity and balance. AND besides the fact that we give you the best sweat in the city, we offer the cheapest rates !

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