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Cleanser Detoxification: Help your organs function more effectively and flush toxins from the body with this relaxing treatment.

MPS Capsule Dima: Have you ever experienced infrared massage before? The MPS Capsule Dima is soothing and surrounds the entire body.

Accuciser: Reflexology: Improve blood circulation and healing with this unique machine.

Fit Massage Unit: This massage technology was developed by the Russian Space Program for NASA. Ten minutes on the Fit Massage Unit gives you the benefit of an hour-long workout.

Beauty3: Combination Skin Massager: Creates a vibrating effect that helps dissolve fat, moisturize skin, and warm the skin through ultrasonic function. Helps keep skin fresh and young.

Air Purifier: AirPurifier-Neo (Gold Medal Winner): Improve your family's health with this air purifier, which removes harmful substances, removes dust and kills germs.

Power-Plus Massager: Infra-Hand Held: Feel your stress melt away as you enjoy this Infra-Hand Held massager that features four massage surfaces, three different massage surfaces, and heat.

Accuciser Ultrasound Massager: This device products micro-vibration that causes tissues to compress and expand at the same frequency as the ultrasound. The Accuciser Ultrasound Massager stimulates the tissues, improves circulation, reduces joint pain, and increases the elasticity of collagen tissue using frictional heat.

Free M - Multifunctional Belt Slimming Massager: Blood circulation is greatly improved as the belt slimming massager accelerates blood flow through the body, carrying oxygen and nutrients to the cells and removing waste from the cells.


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