Healthy Choice Massage Therapy

We offer variety of Massage Therapy services to our valuable clients.
Our massage therapists employ therapeutic massage to improve circulation, increase lymphatic flow, address specific muscle soreness and assist you to maintain wellbeing.

Therapeutic massage also makes you feel great, as a result of the release of natural endorphins and the reduction in cortisone levels (the stress hormone).

In addition to massage for general health and wellbeing, we treat chronic back pain and other musculoskeletal pain, including pain caused by arthritis and pregnancy, headaches, sports injuries and insomnia.

Nutrition Counselling in Ottawa
High quality foods provide high quality fuel required for our bodies to function optimally. Fundamentally, food contains nutrients, or raw material, that provide the energy required for all processes in the body. Many chronic diseases may be a result of excesses or deficiencies in nutrients required for the body’s engines to perform. Educated personal nutritional choices are an essential component to optimal health, the prevention of illness, and peak physical body, attitude, and inner spiritual awareness.

Balance, Moderation, and Variety are paramount to good health. It is best to obtain nutrients from whole foods, in a natural balanced format provided by Mother Nature, however, it is often necessary to carefully supplement. A healthy balanced diet, complete with all required nutrients, is becoming difficult to maintain due to increased stress, less free time, and due to the fact that, over the years, our soil is becoming more and more depleted of essential nutrients.

A Nutrition consultation is often complemented by Body Chemistry Testing and Iridology. The consultation involves an in depth analysis of health history, hereditary, diet, lifestyle, supplements, herbs, and prescription medications. Many prescription medications lead to drug-induced nutritional deficiencies. These potential deficiencies are addressed during a consultation. Many common health problems, such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, enlarged prostate, PMS, difficult menopause, digestive difficulties, allergies, etc. can be relieved using natural therapies. Herbs and supplements must be carefully combined to reduce the risk of interfering with prescription medications.

Come and learn how food can work for you. With every day stresses and little time to prepare wholesome meals, it’s easy to fall off a strict diet. But what if you could learn simple principles and get tools to make the best choices possible? This is not a diet, it's education to a lifetime of healthy eating. Whole foods are the primary source of nutrition, such as whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and lean protein.
This approach allows flexibility and ease of compliance. What makes holistic nutrition different from other types of nutrition? While the science is the same, RHNs (Registered Holistic Nutritionist's) focus specifically on the client with respect to body, mind, and spirit. They will not use cookie cutter or set programs.

Every plan is individually designed with the client in mind. As well, they focus on food first. They will show clients how food can help them overcome imbalances, giving them more energy and a healthier body. They will only use supplements where it is necessary and provide the client with different options to fit their budget. Holistic nutritionist's uses symptomatology in assessing their client’s nutritional needs. They will design a program that is specifically for the client encompassing budget, family needs, and schedule.

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