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Manual Therapy involves the use of hands on treatment to mobilize joints and soft tissue to restore movement and function. Each therapist has taken extensive post graduate training in manual therapy and brings a unique skill set to Hazelwood Physiotherapy. Your physiotherapist will determine the appropriate manual therapy that will benefit your injury.

  • Exercise Therapy incorporates specific exercises to stretch, strengthen and stabilize the injured and surrounding areas. Each client is assessed to determine their flexibility, strength and core stability with respect to the injury.

Through the use of in-clinic exercises and home exercise programs, combined with manual therapy our goal is to promote an early return to activity and function.

  • Vestibular rehabilitation is a specialized form of physiotherapy that is a drug-free, exercise-based approach to treating dizziness and balance disorders. Treatment involves specific exercises to decrease dizziness, increase balance and increase general activity levels. If you suffer from dizziness, vertigo (a spinning sensation), unsteadiness, balance problems, difficulty reading/concentrating, fear of falling or headaches, vestibular rehabilitation may be of benefit to you. A specially trained therapist will perform an in-depth evaluation to determine the appropriate treatment of your symptoms.
  • Occupational Rehabilitation (WCB/ICBC) is an intensive daily program to assist injured workers return quickly and safely to the workplace. The program involves individual and group exercise, work task simulation and client education. This program is sponsored by a variety of insurers including WCB and ICBC.
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