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Your gums play an important role in framing your teeth, helping to create a more cosmetically perfect smile. Ideally, when you smile or talk, you will show a minimal amount of gum, and the gums should appear evenly and attractively contoured. If you expose too much gum, it’s a problem called a “gummy smile.”

Our dentists are experienced in gum contouring and can assess your gum line and your gum health to make sure this treatment is appropriate.

What Causes a Gummy Smile?
Sometimes gum lines are uneven or appear too low. Some people have gums that cover part of their teeth, making it appear as if their teeth look too small. This condition can be genetic or is sometimes caused by certain health problems or taking particular prescription medications.

A person can also show too much gum because they have an overactive muscle in their upper lip. When they smile, the muscle moves the upper lip too much, exposing more gum than is desirable. People with this problem will need a different dental surgery treatment to correct the overactive muscle.

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