Griffins Boxing and Fitness
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Our personal training packages are tailored to individually planned programs. These programs are designed with the client's goals, abilities and enjoyment as its primary concerns.

  • Non-contact Training
  • Improve overall health
  • Decrease body fat and inches
  • Gain muscle/strength/Tone
  • Learn the “sweet science” of boxing
  • Core strengthening that pushes past your fitness plateau’s
  • Improve sports specific performance

Boot Camp:

  • Accelerate towards your personal goals! 
  • Get Motivated, Get Healthy, Get Strong!
  • Increase your Energy and Endurance
  • Gain Muscle, Tone and Strength
  • Lose Inches and Lose Weight
  • Core strengthening that pushes past your fitness plateau’s

Cardio Boxing and Cardio Blitz:

These boxing based classes are more fitness oriented, and technique is not the main focused as it is in the technical "Glove System" classes. These classes incorporate traditional boxing training with a focus on burning calories while also building muscular strength, tone and endurance. They are a great addition and a fun way to add variety to an existing or new workout program. For those who enjoy throwing punches and combinations, but aren't necessarily interested in the technical aspect of the sports, this is a great program for you. It is also recommended for our competing athletes for the additional cardio application.

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