Individual Coaching/Psychotherapy

•Mindfulness and Body-focused Coaching assists you to connect to your intuition. This light-hearted approach has benefited those experiencing a range of problems including addiction, anxiety, depression, and self-esteem issues.
•Holistic Addiction Treatment helps you through the wisdom of yoga, ayurveda/nutritional consultation, and coaching, to release harmful habits and live a life of purpose and power!

Leadership Development for Groups/Organizations

•Conscious Mindful Leadership assists you to stay calm and lead effectively, even in the midst of turmoil.
•Expanding Awareness: Embracing Healthy Habits assists you to release harmful habits and addictions and live a life of balance and joy!

Professional Development Training

Mindfulness and Body-focused Coaching (MBFC) Training is for professionals interested in incorporating this model of treatment into their therapeutic/coaching toolbox.

Good Coaching draws on the principles of mindfulness and takes you from being on automatic pilot to being increasingly in tune with yourself and with others. Particularly in times of change, cultivating self-awareness through the practice of mindfulness assists in releasing negative beliefs.

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