Fortified Fitness Calgary Alberta
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Fortified Fitness is a full service facility with equipment and services ranging from complimentary locks & towels to our extensive range of machines and free weights. Read below to find out what else we off our members:

  • Training Studio A 600sf training studio
  • Our world class Personal Trainers will assess your weight loss goals, fitness abilities and overall fitness and equipment experience.
  • Personal Training .
  • Weight loss .
  • You won’t find our training programs in any other gym. Each program is custom tailored to deliver results, in less time than other programs available!
  • Muscle building .
  • Group exercise .
  • Sport specific training
  • Get one-on-one personal training with our coaches. We’re dedicated to your fitness success and work directly with you to help you achieve your goals! Cardio Area
  • Fitness Equipment One of the things we pride ourselves on is always offering a wide range of the highest quality equipment.
  • Free Weights An extensive range of free weights
  • Juice Bar Replenish important vitamins, minerals, carbs and protein by enjoying something from our juice bar before or after your workout.
  • Pro Shop Talk to our manager about ways you can complement your hard work when reaching your fitness goals with items from our Pro Shop Lounge Area
  • As you accomplish your goals, the program will challenge you with new workouts and exercises. Towel Service
  • Locker Service
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