Whether you're a beginner looking for a new challenge or want to build upon current skills, Forest Hill Fitness in Toronto has a fitness class for you!

Toronto Gym: Forest Hill Fitness Classes

Low Impact Cardio
This fun beginners class is a light but effective cardio workout that focuses on technique, correction, flexibility and movement.

Step & Sculpt
This is a good calorie burning class with mental focus that gets you going! This basic step class utilizes different forms of resistance using weights, tubes and bars.

Students will focus on posture and the deeper abdominal and back muscles (mat work) during this class. Students will perform a series of exercises with an emphasis on strength building and flexibility.

Ball Class
The ball class focuses on the larger muscle groups, especially core strength. During this awesome workout, the concentration is on balance.

Advance Class
If you want a challenging workout with more advanced choreography, this class will work up a sweat!

You get to do a great mix of cardio, resistance work and stretching in this comprehensive class.

Core Conditioning
This class is excellent for conditioning your back and abdominals. Helps you build a strong core to improve balance, posture and prevent Injury.

Power Stretch
Give your muscles a great stretch and feel what you’ve been missing. These power stretches are held and balanced for a longer period of time.

Chi Yoga
Chi yoga is a combination of Hatha yoga and Chi-Kung, which are traditional Chinese healing exercises. This Chi yoga class maximizes your body’s ability to restore balance. As your mind becomes still, you can achieve tone, fluidity, muscles and organ strength. Chi yoga is a complete workout that increases energy and clarity.

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