Foothills Health Assesments
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Our in-depth Executive Health Assessment (EHA) focuses on the identification of health risks and medical concerns that can affect long-term physical and emotional health, physical abilities, and performance at work and home. During this screening process, we have the opportunity to educate and motivate you toward a healthier lifestyle.

The Foothills Health Consultants Health Portal Program provides the opportunity for organizations to reap the full benefits of workplace wellness, without the administrative burden, at one low monthly cost. Together, these wellness initiatives work in synergy and utilize the full power of distance education, Web administrative tools, and on-site activities, all focused on improving your employees' health.

Investing in the "good health practices" of the individual employee will improve productivity and help reduce healthcare costs while creating a healthier workplace and corporate culture. In addition, promoting individual wellness throughout the organization will decrease the demand on healthcare benefits, reducing costs associated with insurance, prescription drugs, lost productivity and lost time due to illness.


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