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Foot by Foot provides Custom Orthotics, Custom Footwear, Bracing and Compression Garments. Foot by Foot provides our customers with clinics in; Woodstock, Kitchener, Baden, Brantford, Milton, Cambridge, Mitchell, Waterloo, St.Mary's, Stratford, Waterloo, Guelph, and Fergus.

A full hands on assessment is taken to decide what specific orthotic treatment would suit your problems most appropriately. All adjustments to the Orthotics can be done on-site, while you wait. Foot by Foot is dedicated providing our customers with the very best custom orthotics,bracing and footwear education.

OUR CUSTOM ORTHOTICS - Are made from a plaster cast (3 dimensional model of your foot) and from raw materials in our laboratory in Kitchener. A full, hands-on assessment is taken to decide on what specifications would suit your problems most appropriately and all adjustments to the appliances can be done on-site, while you wait.

SHOES AND MODIFICATIONS - Shoes are an important aspect of our mobility. At Foot by Foot, our trained staff will measure and fit your feet with shoes based on your needs and when shoes can’t provide enough to solve poor gait patterns, numerous modifications to your shoes can be utilized.

CUSTOM MADE SHOES - When medical grade shoes aren’t enough, our Certified Pedorthists can cast for custom made shoes to accommodate even the most difficult deformity.

COMPRESSION GARMENTS - Foot by Foot is part of a wellness team to fit and measure your legs for compression socks to suit your every need.

BRACES - Foot by Foot provides a one on one fitting experience and stocks a variety of head to toe braces to assist in supporting and allowing superior performance of your joints and muscles. If a more specialized knee or ankle brace is desired we can cast your leg for a custom made device.In stock braces range from neck splinting to ankle supports, and are properly fitted with trained staff. Special orders can also be arranged if you have a specific brace in mind.

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