Southern Alberta Women's Hockey Association (SAWHA)

The Southern Alberta Women's Hockey Association (SAWHA) is a non-profit organization incorporated under the Alberta Societies Act. SAWHA is the principal organizer of senior female hockey in Southern Alberta. SAWHA has 31 Teams which play in three distinct tiers, allowing senior females at all different levels the opportunity to play at their skill level. Hockey is a life long sport which SAWHA strives to support. The teams play out of 8 arenas in Calgary and 7 arenas within 150 kilometres of Calgary. The league focus is to schedule over 400 regular season games, 30 provincial playdown games and over 55 League playoff games, and will also host a Senior Female Provincial Championship on an annual basis. SAWHA is committed to providing quality governance to its members through well thought out Bylaws and Objectives and Operating Rules utilizing proactive thinking and actions; fiscal responsibility; and the promotion of excellence. As well the league enforces policies, resolves disputes, organizes fund raisers and charity events, promotional activities and advances the female game of hockey at all levels.

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