Weddings, Commitments, Renewal of Vows

Funerals, Memorials

Transitions- Divorce, Retirement, Moving

Milestones- Birthdays, Coming of Age, Graduations, Mid Life, Empty Nest

Family- Baby Naming, Blessings, Baptism, Adoption, Blended Family Unions

Healing, Hope, Living through Loss, Survivor, Missing Persons

Animal Ceremonies

Others - Seasonal, House and Business Ceremonies, Grand Openings, Dedications

“Coaching is an ongoing relationship which focuses on the client taking action toward the realization of their vision, goal or desires.” Coaching acknowledges your infinite resourcefulness and supports you in skillfully and creatively living all parts of your life in alignment with your deepest values and life purpose.-á What you focus on does expand. Connect to your passion. Live your best life now!

Spiritual Counseling is sometimes called spiritual direction, accompaniment, mentoring. It is not a substitute for conventional counseling or therapy. The counselors role is to help guide the client back to his/her own Source of spiritual nourishment, wisdom, and strength…”

Yoga Therapy uses the various elements of the ancient science of yoga to facilitate health and well being in body, mind, heart and spirit. Awareness and mindfulness, breath, postures, concentration, relaxation and-á meditation tools will be used as tools to become more conscious.

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