Enza Natural Health & Day Spa
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Enza Natural H ealth Centre & Day Spa is devoted to ensuring its guests are treated to:

· A revitalizing, unique, and state of art facility
· The latest in massage, facial, and therapeutic techniques
· Therapies dedicated to the water, fire, earth, and air elements in every person
· Staff members that are highly credentialed and service-oriented.

In addition, the Enza Day Spa makes a point of emphasizing a deep commitment to the community. The staff actively do their part to lower the stress levels of all women by offering a free monthly De-stress clinic; developed as a natural, innovative, holistic program, by our esteemed Acupuncturist, Jenna Hung and Natural Health Practitioner, Judith Elaine. This amazing program is designed to relax and soothe body - mind - spirit and has been a part of the Enza methodology since this company began. It is also important to mention that Enza has participated three years in a row in the Oakville Dragon Boat Race, dynamically raising funds for the Children's Aid and the Women's Centre.

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