Envision Physiotherapy is a multidisciplinary team with two locations in the heart of Vancouver. Our physical therapists have a wide range of specialization, from sports, orthopaedics, exercise, manual therapy, visceral manipulation and more. See Our Team page to find the therapist that suits your needs. We combine the expertise of highly trained physiotherapists, physicians, massage therapists, pilates instructors, kinesiologists and dieticians to help our clients get the most out of their bodies. Physiotherapists are movement specialists. They are university trained, it is now a Masters degree, and most come from a Kinesiology undergrad. Envision Physical Therapists focus on the entire body by looking at posture, movement patterns and lifestyle to develop a highly personalized treatment experience, with an emphasis on function and getting you back to what's important to you. Envision physiotherapists work with each client in a careful and thorough manner. Most importantly, Envision physiotherapy can help you build the tools to return to being functional and independent.
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