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Just imagine, 25% of all the bones in your body are in your feet. Feet are a complex arrangement of 52 bones, 66 moveable joints, 214 ligaments that hold these joints together, and 38 muscles with tendons that move these joints.
Common conditions and pain syndromes related to poor foot function or mechanics include:
•Overpronation or hyperpronation
•Fallen longitudinal arch
•Fallen transverse arch
•Flat feet
•Plantar fasciitis
•Morton's neuroma
•Achilles tendonitis
•Shin splints
•Soleus syndrome
•Tibialis posterior syndrome
•Iliotibial band syndrome
•Runner's knee
•Sacroiliac joint syndrome
•Hammer toes
•Hallux rigidus
•Dropped metatarsal heads
•Diabetic feet
•Back pain

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