Dunbar Cycles has a Full Service repair shop for its customers. Here are some of the more common repairs and their prices. If you are in need of other service please drop by or give us a call at 604.224.2116. Our main man, Bill Sodke, is an expert wheel builder and really likes creative challenges. From the ordinary to the unusual, he can build it or fix it!

Full Tune - $70
Brake and Gear Tune, drivetrain clean, lubrication of all bearing surfaces, and retension and true wheels

Brake and Gear Tune - $39.95
Adjustment of derailleurs, brakes, headset, tire pressure as well as general safety checkover

Bike Build (complete from box) - $59.95
Assembly of bike that has never been previously assembled

Drivetrain Clean (Solvent Soak) - $30
Complete removal of drivetrain and soaked in our solvent tank to remove any grease, oil, and dirt. (this does not remove rust)

Complete Drivetrain Install - $34.95
Install of cassette/freewheel, chain, and chainrings/crankset as well as adjustment of bottom bracket

Bike Build (from shipping) - $40.00

Major Wheel True - $35.00
Replacement of spokes and wheel true (spokes extra)

Minor Wheel True - $25.00
Minor wheel straightening

Flat Tire Repair - $6.00
Install new tube (parts extra) and inspection of tire for holes and foreign objects

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