Aches & Pains Physiotherapy Clinic
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MCI THE DOCTOR’S OFFICE™ cares  for patients through Family practice and walk in medical care in Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia. MCI currently has thirty-two centres that allow us to further our mission to “Work for Doctors, Care for Patients and Empower Employees” in a timely, comprehensive and compassionate manner. We look forward to our clinics being an integral part of every neighborhood where we are located.

Arguably the most experienced family practice management company in Canada, MCI has roots in Ontario dating back 24 years and in Alberta for 31 years. MCI is a Canadian firm that specializes in helping physicians to improve their lifestyle and focus 100% on patient care because MCI assumes full responsibility for all administration and clinic operations. MCI operates thirty-six full service medical clinics in Ontario, Alberta and BC. A number of new and franchised medical clinics are opening in Canada over the next two years.

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