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Dillon Optics is revolutionizing the way we see the world with their innovative NIR® lens technology. These polarized diffuse reflectors significantly reduce internal reflections within the lens, resulting in remarkably sharper clarity. Not only do NIR® lenses provide superior optics, but they also offer protection against scratching and exposure to harmful environmental conditions. Constructed from CR-39, these lenses block 100% of harmful UV light and meet ANSI z80.3 requirements for optical and impact resistance. The addition of oleophobic coatings on the front and back surfaces makes the lenses resistant to oil and moisture, ensuring easy cleaning and maintaining their durability. What sets Dillon Optics apart is the unique satin matte finish appearance of their NIR® lenses, adding a touch of style and elegance. This distinctive look is unmatched in the eyewear industry, making wearers stand out from the crowd. Once you experience the optical clarity and comfort provided by Dillon Optics, going back to ordinary lenses will become unimaginable. Moreover, Dillon Optics offers the same leading-edge technology, style, and comfort in NIRx® prescription lenses, ensuring everyone can enjoy the benefits of this advanced eyewear. Choosing Dillon Optics goes beyond enhancing your daily life with superior eyewear; it also supports a small American-owned company. The combination of top-notch technology, style, comfort, and the opportunity to support a local business makes Dillon Optics an obvious and clear choice for eyewear. Ask your Eyewear specialist about:
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