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At Diane Lee & Associates in White Rock/South Surrey, we continue to offer a functional approach and strive to be a centre of excellence with our goal being to help you achieve yours.

This often requires addressing the cause of your pain as opposed to merely treating your painful structures. This paradigm shift requires an understanding of how the whole body functions and how certain problems can impact other regions of the body. It also requires an understanding of how the things you feel, and believe, about your current experience can impact your function.

All of the physiotherapists at Diane Lee & Associates are experts in the physical diagnosis of movement impairments and have taken several post-graduate courses in their specialty. They work as a team, frequently consulting with one another to bring you the best care possible.

Ultimately, our goal is to help you change the way you use your body by initially creating an awareness of the things you are doing that are currently overloading structures and creating pain. We will provide you with the tools necessary (knowledge, control, flexibility & strength) to move/exercise in ways that create optimal loading and efficient, pain free movement.

By empowering you with the knowledge, movement and awareness necessary to make the changes in your own body, we are simply guides in your own healing process as you transform to live with a healthier, more active body. The greatest success occurs when you are an active participant in your treatment program and we do expect your commitment.

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