Delbrook Surgical Centre

At Delbrook Surgical Centre in North Vancouver, you'll find that most patients have the option of receiving prompt attention to their surgical needs.

Delbrook Surgical Centre in North Vancouver is a private clinic also provides expedited surgery for RCMP, Worksafe BC, and private agencies.

Delbrook Surgical Centre in North Vancouver performs the following private surgical procedures:

  • Ear, Nose, Throat: An ENT surgeon performs reconstructive and cosmetic surgery to correct and treat injury, disease and deformity. Procedures include myringotomy, parotidectomy, rhinoplasty, septoplasty, and zygomatic fracture.
  • General Surgery: Including breast surgery, excision scars, cysts, or tumors; hemorrhoid and anal surgery, hernia surgery, and varicose vein surgery.
  • Gynecology: Gynecologists deal with disorders of the female reproductive system. Procedures include D & C and pubovaginal sling.
  • Neurosurgery: Neurosurgeons perform surgery on the nervous system. Procedures include cervical discectomy, lumbar laminectomy, hand surgery, and nerve surgery.
  • Orthopedic Surgery: Orthopedic surgeons perform diagnostic, corrective and reconstructive surgeries relating to bones, ligaments and joints. Procedures include hand surgery, foot surgery, minor trauma and fracture, arthroscopic joint surgery and unicompartmental knees.
  • Pediatric Dental: Procedures include dental extractions and restoration.
  • Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery: At Delbrook Surgical Centre, cosmetic surgeons perform both reconstructive and cosmetic surgery. Procedures include abdominoplasty, blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), breast augmentation, breast reduction, hand surgery, face lift, liposuction, rhinoplasty, scar revision and zygomatic fracture.
  • Urology: Urologic surgery deals with male and female urinary and reproductive organs. Procedures include circumcision, MESA, orchidectomy, vasectomy, vasectomy and reversal.

Visit Delbrook Surgical Centre's  in North Vancouverwebsite for more information on private surgical procedures in their North Vancouver clinic.

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