Cosmetic Laser & Vein Centre
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Dr. Grondin pioneered Ultrasound Guided Injection Therapy (Echosclerotherapy) and Ultrasonographic Mapping of the venous system. He is a world-renowned lecturer and instructor in this technique. He was the first physician to treat the Saphenous vein using Ultrasound Guided Catheter Injection, as well as pioneering an innovative technique (Micro-Foam Sclerotherapy) used in treating stubborn varicose veins. Endovenous laser surgery now offered at the Centre, is an exciting alternative to surgical vein removal. Dr. Grondin and the professional staff at Cosmetic Laser & Vein Centre stand at the forefront of medical technology, and maintain a world-renowned reputation by disseminating these ground breaking techniques in lecturing held around the globe.

Since then, Dr. Grondin has developed expertise in many aspects of cosmetic surgery to the point where the Centre has received accreditation as a Non-Hospital Surgical Facility (NHSF) in 1998. Under his guidance, it became a world recognized training centre for physicians in venous diseases and other advances in cosmetic surgery and is certified to perform Tumescent Lipo-Sculpture, micro-vascular surgery (Ambulatory Phlebectomy), laser corrective surgery (Endovenous laser surgery), and cosmetic laser surgery (laser resurfacing, mole removal, etc.).

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