Core Training and Therapy
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Our personal trainers have kinesiology degrees and live and breathe what they believe!-á Because of this background, the “cookie cutter” approach to designing programs does not exist at CORE Training & Therapy.

A)-á-á-á-á-á-á-á-á-á-á-á-á-á In-Home Training

Our personal trainers provide program set up and on going training direct-to-you in your home!

B)-á-á-á-á-á-á-á-á-á-á-á-á-á-á Outside Training

If you currently have a gym membership other than at CORE, our personal trainers will gladly meet their clients at other fitness facilities.-á Clients are responsible for trainer drop-in fees (if applicable).

-áC)-á-á-á-á-á-á-á-á-á-á-á-á Training at CORE Training & Therapy

When purchasing a personal training package, clients are trained right here at our own facility.-á When working out on your own, our educated floor staff can answer any questions on the spot!

-áD)-á-á-á-á-á-á-á-á-á-á-á-á-á Corporate Training

CORE Training & Therapy is well equipped to provide our corporate clients/affiliates with trainers and equipment to fulfill the needs of corporate fitness facilities.

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