Continuum Medical Care Ltd. West Vancouver, BC
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Continuum Medical Care is a private health care facility in West Vancouver that provides public and private health care services. We are financially supported by a combination of private business interests, public health care funding and physicians. Our group of qualified health care professionals is structured so that we can provide excellence in medical care in a number of core areas. We continuously endeavor to provide the highest quality medical care possible. We deliver this comprehensive care in a setting of advanced technology and a convenient manner. Most importantly, our private health care in West Vancouver is based upon a Full Service General Practice model. We have a unique physician structure in order to promote this unique type of health care. Also, we provide this care in a framework that utilizes public and private health care systems. Our West Vancouver General practitioners specialize in a number of medical areas. We provide not only total family medical care but the full spectrum of general practice care including: obstetrics, pediatrics, preventative health care, palliative care, hospital visits, geriatrics, nursing home visits, 24 hour community on call, surgical assists, and walk in clinic services.
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