Clinique D'Osteopathie SOC
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Osteopathy is a manual medicine to restore balance and functional mechanical structures and systems of the body
An osteopath has a thorough knowledge of human anatomy and its mechanisms. It has developed through his training and experience acute palpation allowing a manual assessment to detect structures or mechanisms that can block or restriction affect the physiology of the body.
Taking into account the symptoms experienced by the person, develops and provides its osteopathic treatment, targeted especially to structures or mechanisms in primary deadlock. This is part of a general therapeutic approach to search for causes of dysfunction.
Thus, if the mechanical aspect plays a part in the cause or the expression of a disorder, treatment of osteopathy may be beneficial.
Osteopathy is not intended to substitute for allopathic medicine or any other health service. It has its specificities, strengths and limitations. The complementarity with other professions important to us and especially the well-being of each person consult us. Any person with monitoring requirements that are beyond the scope of osteopathy will be referred.
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