Our professionals can offer you a broad range of modern types of psychotherapy including: cognitive behaviour therapy, interpersonal psychotherapy, hypnosis, mindfulness training, solution focused therapy and couple and marital therapy.


We offer practical help for these kinds of problems or concerns:

  • Reduce, control or eliminate negative or distressing feelings and moods: We offer help for stress, burnout, emotional pain, depression, anxiety, anger, grief or bereavement.
  • Relationship, marriage and family problems: We can help if you are experiencing, tension, conflict, loneliness or dissatisfaction in a relationship at home or a work.
  • Addiction and substance abuse problems: We offer help for alcohol and drug problems, addictions to gambling, the internet or pornography, and smoking cessation.
  • Health or pain problems: We can help you to cope with conditions like: cancer, MS, and chronic pain. We can help you to control problems like: headache, menstrual pain, psoriasis and skin itching, back pain, and excessive health worries.
  • Other problems we can help with include: OCD, phobias, Bipolar Disorder, trichotillomania or skin picking; and attention, concentration and memory problems.
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