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Beautiful and tanned without the sun
Self-tanning treatment for the face and the body for a superb tanned colour that is surprisingly natural-looking, and a soft, well hydrated skin. A body exfoliation is included in this treatment for a perfectly tanned skin, an immediate “vacation” effect!

Draining Vegetal Mud Drape
Filtering wrap based on Green Clay and essential oils of Broom and Gingko Biloba for a light, nimble, refined silhouette.

Purifying White Clay Drape
Purifying Body wrap with Mint and Rosemary essential oils that leaves your skin clean, healthy and radiant.

Firming from Guyana
Firming and anti-ageing treatment based on Bocoa, an ancient tree from the Amazon known for its energizing properties. The draining action of the massage optimizes the results: the body is relaxed and relieved of fatigue.

Youthfulness from Rajasthan
Renew-plus treatment based on Cashew Nut oil from India, rich in Vitamins with nourishing and replenishing properties. Stimulating and lifting massage movements are used to rejuvenate the body. It is ideal to have that treatment when too much time as been spent in the sun or if the body is showing signs of ageing.

Silhouette from the Andes
High Definition Body Lift treatment based on Blue Button Flower which breaks down excess fat and eliminates toxins. Better penetration of caffeine with the High Definition Body Lift will activate the release of fat and slow down its storage. After this treatment, body appears much healthier and more refined. This rhythmic Clarins treatment, which includes muscles contractions, boosts circulation and lymphatic flow, reduces fluid retention and enhances skin tone and elasticity.

Hawaiian Wave
A super moisturizing treatment based on Hawaiian Candlenut oil known for its essential fatty acids. Your body’s skin regains all of its youthful qualities, it is smooth, soft and firm.


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