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As you age, quality of life takes on a new level of importance. Functional and Regenerative Medicine is the study of keeping you functioning at your best, using natural and preventive medicine strategies. This cutting edge approach is one of the fastest growing, most advanced fields in medicine. Previously incorporated under the mast of 'Anti-Aging Medicine' you now benefit from this medical edge at Chronos Apollo. Learn more about how Anti-Aging Medicine can help you.

A true haven for both men and women, Chronos Apollo offers a discreet medical environment for all of your SPA services…with a difference!

We use only medical grade products and organic, essential oils to give you the best treatments for your body from a spa with superior results.

Treat yourself to an entire spa experience and unwind after a hectic day. With the lights low, soothing sound of water in the background and the fragrant aroma of aromatic oils in the air, you will unwind in our tranquil environment, while every inch of your body is pampered.

Are you part of the 'rat race' of life: working hard, saving hard; and keeping more than a few balls in the air?

Are you looking forward to the day when you can do WHAT YOU WANT, WHEN YOU WANT???



Absolutely!!! Whatever you are saving for, you have to BE THERE to enjoy it, right???

The modern approach to health and wellness is to stay healthy, rather than treat illness. Modern men and women are more informed and more interested in health and wellbeing. Natural health and supplements is one of the fastest growing industries in the world... would it be so if people were not demanding better alternatives than drugs to feel better, live longer and be healthier?

This does not mean that there is no place for conventional medicine and medical therapies . On the contrary, you now have the benefit of having a complete wellness team working together with one common goal – your health. Combining the science of WELLNESS medicine and conventional medicine to get you the best results.

At Chronos Apollo, you have an opportunity to have all your needs assessed and addressed. Our medical staff will take a complete medical history and evaluation. You don’t have to feel rushed, because you can spend as much time as you need with a physician to have all your medical concerns addressed; and any medical problems treated.

The basic principles of health are: nutrition, fitness, stress reduction and natural balance of your body.


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