Our therapies

Osteopathic manual therapy eases the restrictions or dysfunctions so the body lymphatic, vascular, and neurological systems can function normally again as an integrated whole.

In Chinese medicine, a disease, whether caused by internal factors like emotions, or external factors like injuries, trauma, diet, and germs, is seen as imbalances in the organ system or Qi meridians. Acupuncture assists the body by opening or adjusting the flow of Qi throughout the organ system and the meridians or pathways, which will strengthen the body and prompt it to heal itself.

Feet reflexology is a focused pressure technique applied to different parts of the feet which correspond to various organs of the body. When the reflexes are stimulated, the body’s natural energy clears blockages in the corresponding zones, hence balancing body energy, enhancing blood circulation, removing stress and fatigue, improving digestive functions, and promoting better sleep.

“We are what we eat”. Many illnesses are caused by an imbalanced diet and a lack of nutrition. Partial information can be confused and misleading. There is no single ‘magic bullet’ that can cure all. If you want to change your health, you need to change your habit. Learn how you can eat normal foods differently and how proper nutrition can help you overcome your illnesses and be healthy again.

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