Chantelle Abma Massage Therapy
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Escape the stresses of life with time out just for you, to focus on any aches and pains that you feel need attention, or a full body treatment to relax and regenerate.


Backache? Is an old injury giving you troubles? Therapeutic massage uses specific techniques to treat distinct affected areas that you are concerned with. This can involve techniques such as:

  • joint mobilization

  • deep and soft tissue massage

  • drainage techniques

  • friction

  • hydrotherapy

  • stretching

I can tailor your treatment to focus on the muscles you use most, and use specific techniques to help speed your recovery time, as well as increase your joint flexibility and your range of motion. This can help you to avoid injury, as well as give you an extra edge with your training.

At home exercises, stretches and other maintenance techniques can be provided as well, if you desire.

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