Centre Endodontique de Montreal
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The specialists in our office have had advanced training and hundreds of hours of experience with the use of surgical operating microscopes and magnifying telescopes. These modern devices provide our doctors with enhanced vision and focused light that enables them to view areas that otherwise would not be seen during conventional endodontic procedures and to correct problems that may have previously been difficult or impossible to detect. The result is better diagnosis, more predictable treatment and higher success rates.


Our office is equipped with specialized ultrasonic instruments that are used to remove posts and metal instruments from root canals, find calcified (narrow) canals, and prepare the roots for fillings during microsurgical treatment. This sophisticated equipment helps us save complicated teeth that would otherwise be extracted.

Nickel Titanium Instruments

Root canal treatment is carried out with tiny metal instruments that are used to clean and shape the root canal and remove all traces of bacteria and tissue from the tooth. Made of a unique alloy called nickel-titanium, these flexible devices help us to perform endodontic treatment in a predictable and efficient manner.

Digital Radiology

Our office uses an advanced radiographic imaging system called CDR (Computed Dental Radiography). Using this technology, a digital sensor produces computerized radiographs that appear instantly on a chairside monitor. These images can then be analyzed, printed, sent to your dentist, and used for patient education. Most importantly, digital radiography reduces patients' exposure to radiation by 80% compared with regular X-rays.

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