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Supportive housing, or congregate housing as it is sometimes called, is essentially housing for seniors that allows them to live independently in their own suite or apartment but in addition, it provides necessary support services that enable them to live independently for longer than otherwise may be possible. Included in the rent is a package of social and “convenience” services such as weekly housekeeping and limited laundry, and a number of meals in a common dining room.

In our Supportive Housing environment the programming is focused on “health maintenance”, which means that in addition to providing you with nutritious meals and weekly housekeeping and laundry services, there is a range of social, recreational and fitness oriented activities. These are delivered by trained, dedicated professionals using specially designed and equipped amenity rooms and spaces within the complex itself. The staff is here to encourage seniors' independence by providing them with access to these services that assist them in maintaining their quality of life and sense of independence.

Together with the nutritional and socialization advantages offered, a 24-hour emergency response system is also provided. This gives both the resident and their family peace of mind knowing that there is a caring, qualified person ready to respond should an emergency arise in the middle of the night.

As such, a Supportive Housing facility is often termed a “lifestyle” option for seniors since these facilities bridge the gap between a senior living independently in his or her own home, and moving into a licensed health care institution. Those seniors who elect to rent a suite in a Supportive Housing environment are those who see the obvious benefits of living together in a safe, secure building where they are provided with an array of services and facilities that cater exclusively to their stage of life.

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