Your teeth are not just for chewing, they affect your digestion, your speech and how you look .Your dental needs may change over time, regardless of whether you are in-need of a full-mouth restoration or a simple cleaning, our dental team promises to provide you with exceptional dental care.
In our office you will see only Dr Niktash providing cosmetic & general dentistry, allowing to form a reliable long lasting dental relationship.

We provide dental implants right here in our office. Having your dental implants placed in our office will allow you to replace your missing tooth in fewer appointments which will save you time and money. The following procedures are just some of the many ways we can assist with your dental needs.

• Cosmetic Dentistry
• General Dentistry
• Dental Implants
• Periodental (Gum) Treatments & Surgeries
• 1-hour Teeth Whitening (Zoom)
• Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Our dental services are mercury free and we provide optional latex free.

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