Bright Beginnings Ultrasound and Pregnancy Spa
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At Bright Beginnings, you can now see your unborn baby in live 4D motion. From a yawn to a stretch, or the beating of your baby's heart, your 3D / 4D Ultrasound will allow you to take a precious peek at your baby's first movements inside the womb.

Imagine being able to see your baby sucking on their thumb, waving their little hand at you or actually being able to see your baby's face! With our exciting new 3D & 4D Ultrasound technology, you can actually see what your baby is going to look like before he or she is born!

On the journey to pregnancy?-á-á-á-á
This fertility massage uses specific techniques to support an ideal physical environment free of tension and stress.-á As the Chinese parable says, “Prepare the soil before you plant the seed.”-á There is plenty of evidence to suggest that massage can improve your ability to conceive.-á Please call for a free consultation with our massage therapists for more detailed information and to discuss your specific situation.-á We’d love to be a positive part of your journey!

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