Body Sculpting Excercises
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Being long time Montreal Based Personal Trainers (Bodyphysix has been open for 5 years now.) they saw a need for hybrid training.

People need to see results but they also need to have muscles that are useful in everyday lives.

Many of their fellow trainers were extremists - either sports performance centred, bodybuilders, or spiritual "Yogis".

Everything is good- but each training technique has its benefits. Depending on the individual a mix of esthetically driven training and functional training should be glided into each program.

A Balance and affordable method of training with Bodyphysix was born.

As Montreal Personal Trainers go - BodyPhysix is unique.

Most personal trainers with create a program and have their clients with them 3 to 4 times a week for a 6 to 12 week period.

Although Bodyphysix does offer this service- these Personal Trainers prefer seeing their cleints once a week and have them do the other days of their workout on their own.

Using both commercial as well as home based equipment- allows clients to have programs for both the home and the gym.

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