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Super hydrating facial - for dry or sun-damaged skin
This treatment hydrates overly dry skin caused by sun exposure or other environmental elements, without clogging the pores. It includes a sea plant masque to ease facial tension for noticeably smoother texture

Chamomile calming facial - for sensitized skin conditions
A super-soothing cleanser with rosehip oil gently removes impurities, followed by a calming clay masque to reduce inflammation. Even the most environmentally sensitive skin will appreciate this hypoallergenic treatment.

Exfoliating masque with papaya
Specially designed for the exfoliation and regeneration of the skin, this masque is rich with the proteolytic enzyme papain, which digests proteins and eliminates dull surface cells on the skin's outer layer. This masque contains precursors for Arginine & Proline synthesis, two amino-acids known to stimulate cellular renewal.

Vitamin C Facial
Vitamin C is an antioxidant, which protects the skin from aging and the environment. It will also assist in rebuilding collagen that we lose as we age or soak up the sun.

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