Small Biz   If you’re a sole proprietor, professional or small business owner, you have three ways to fund your health and dental costs.   Pay from your own pocket using after-tax dollars and receive little or no tax break. Purchase individual group coverage, pay more in contributions than you ever spend in claims, and watch your premiums increase every year. Join bizflex for a cost-effective, flexible plan. Big Biz   A key factor in business success is the ability to hire and retain good people. A strong benefits program is an important part of your offer, and bizflex’s flexible health plan will appeal to any employee. What’s more, we make it affordable for any employer.   bizflex is an innovative way to reward employees. Instead of a salary increase or fully taxable cash bonus, you can opt to deposit funds into a bizflex account. Employees don’t have to pay tax on the amount, yet it’s still a deduction for the employer. This creates a win-win.   Broker Biz As a broker / agent, you’re looking for ways to attract new clients, and ways to retain those clients who are becoming increasingly frustrated with traditional plans. You’re looking for innovative products that open doors and offer opportunities to cross-sell.   bizflex has everything you’ve been looking for:

  • Affordable, flexible healthcare plans for businesses large and small.
  • Cost-effective and cost-containment solutions that make employers happy.
  • Flexible health spending accounts that give employees what they really need.
  • Catastrophic coverage.
  • Plans that work to supplement your clients’ existing traditional group benefits.

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