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If communication and sex in your relationship have been difficult or unsatisfying, you might feel like throwing in the towel. You may find that your relationship has lost its spark. The passion is gone. Sex isn’t what it used to be, if it happens at all.

Maybe you and your partner are constantly arguing or perhaps rarely speak to one another. Perhaps you go to bed making sure you don’t touch one another, or intentionally go to bed at different times, or maybe you don’t even sleep together anymore.

You may have been to couples therapy or sex therapy before and perhaps things got better in your relationship as a result. However, perhaps you still feel unhappy and very discouraged. You may still feel distant from your partner. The thought of your relationship ever improving may seem hopeless.

We deal with:

  • low sexual desire
  • lack of sex
  • sex lacking intimacy
  • sexual desire discrepancy
  • communication problems
  • extramarital affairs
  • falling out of love
  • healing from past sexual abuse
  • conflict in relationships
  • arguing and fighting
  • dealing with separation and divorce
  • reuniting after a separation
  • gender orientation issues
  • gender identity issues
  • inexperience with sex
  • dealing with an STD
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