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Using advanced equipment coupled with extensive clinical knowledge, Bi-Op has been able to design a whole range of orthopedic products to meet a variety of needs.
Plantar, tibial and knee orthoses, ankle foot orthoses, various prostheses including the one-of-a-kind C-Leg, rehabilitiation devices, custom-built footwear, corrective and athletic devices — all of Bi-Op’s products are designed with innovative materials which are the result of extensive research, to provide comfort, durability and superior safety.
As the undisputed leader in highly effective orthopedic products, Bi-Op has also learned to overcome the limits of science with the creation of better tools to facilitate the work of prescribing physicians and prosthetic laboratories. For example, we have developed the digitized 3-D foot Logik system that standardizes foot impressions and eliminates the need to store plaster casts. The CAD-CAM Program is another advancement that enables orthotic cutting data to be forwarded via the Internet using digitized information.

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