The Beau Cote Eating Disorder Treatment Philosophy

It is our professional experience that patients do much better in treatment when they fully understand our treatment philosophy. This philosophy recognizes that eating disorders are multi-determined illnesses that involve a number of physiological, familial, and social and cultural factors. They also have an identifiable progression and show predictable symptoms.

At Beau Cote, we help our patients interrupt these self-defeating and harmful eating behaviors, while addressing any painful experiences and related issues associated with the development and progression of their issues.

Multi-Layered Eating Disorder Recovery

We believe that an integrative and lasting recovery is very possible. Recovery is multi-layered, and entails the management of the ongoing remission of symptoms. It also focuses on the resolution of underlying problems, which are expressed as eating disorder behaviours.

As a result, our eating disorder treatment is not only targeted at the symptoms. It's also targeted at the underlying factors that are causing the symptoms. At Beau Cote, we have found that patients respond positively to a combination of medical, behavioral, nutritional and psychiatric treatment of the multi-fold of conditions that need to be addressed as part of a patient's overall wellness.

Individualized Eating Disorder Treatment Phases

At Beau Cote, we have designed our own unique phase system to treat eating disorders. We treat each person individually, and provide support and assistance at all the different stages of the eating disorder treatment and recovery process.

Because we view change as a cycle, as opposed to an all-or-nothing step, we find that it is quite usual for patients to follow a non-linear progression through these steps. This means that a relapse is viewed as a natural part of the change process, instead of a failure. This doesn't mean that relapse is desirable or even expected, but that change is hard, and we work on helping people to disrupt and exit behavioral, mental, and emotional cycles.

Celebrating Breakthroughs

Our treatment is designed to accommodate relapse, but also to support and celebrate people's breakthroughs! Recovery is not an event, but a process and journey to reclaiming the true self, and opening the door to a functional, fulfilling and healthy life.

Our experience has shown us that Beau Cote's integrative approach, which addresses the full spectrum and scope of eating disorders, produces long-term results. We also feel that it helps patients move beyond underlying problems to achieve a balanced and lasting recovery.

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