Outdoor Yoga!

When the weather permits, we'll be offering all of our regular Be Yoga and Family Yoga classes on our cobblestone patio behind the studio, overlooking the Red River. Because of the restful nature of the Be At Ease classes, they will not be held outdoors.

Generally, the late-day sun warms the area by an extra degree or two and the area is sheltered from the wind. But it may be wise to wear something a bit warmer when appropriate, such as a hoodie/long-sleeved shirt. Appropriate UV protection would also be a wise idea.

Being outside with the trees and river brings a unique serenity to the experience, so we plan to commune with nature as much as possible from April to September!

As we begin the outdoor experience together, we'll go outside when the temperature is between 18 and 24 degrees, and the skies are clear. These parameters are subject to change as the summer progresses.

We always want to ensure you finish a class feeling comfortable and better than when you came in. We'd like to hear from you if there's anything we can do to improve your Be Yoga experience.

Be Yoga

Be Yoga classes are subtly physical. You are invited to be present, be real and be at ease with who you are during this continuous flow.

By placing a focus on breath and body link sequences throughout the practice, you’ll discover the pleasure of bringing the breath, body and mind into unison.

You’ll soon find that no two classes are the same, but each class brings you a little closer to inner peace.

Perfection is not the goal. We won’t bend like pretzels or soak our mats with sweat. Physical fitness is only one part of the holistic wellness yoga can deliver.

Be Yoga classes are open to anyone.


Don’t believe you can jump right into a yoga class? Want to move through a class with more ease?

Our Believe classes, held twice a week, will help you feel ready to flow through a Be Yoga class. We’ll break down some fundamental poses and help you become familiar with what makes yoga so enjoyable.

Family Yoga

While the objectives and movements remain essentially the same, our family class invites the energy of youth into the studio.

Suitable for ages 5-12. Each child may bring one adult family member to the class for free. The environment is much different than a regular Be Yoga class. Things may be a little more unexpected, but often there is a lot of joy in the room!

Anyone is welcome to participate.

Fees for this class qualify for the Children’s Fitness Tax Credit.
Check our schedule for class times.

Be At Ease

Experience the power of truly subtle yoga with this restorative session. The focus is on intention and subtle sensation through the most gentle of movements and deep relaxation.

Your eyes will be closed for much of the class to draw your attention inward.

Guests may find themselves profoundly attuned to the energies within their bodies after this class, combined with a powerful feeling of restfulness.

You will find this class accessible no matter your range of movement and can even be practiced from a chair.

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