Ambulatory Surgical Centre Vancouver
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We are proud to have been chosen as a supplier of choice by a major health Authority providing surgeons with a venue for their day surgery programs, freeing up the required hospital space for larger surgical programs. We specialize in plastic, orthopaedic, gynaecologic, vascular, general surgeries and pain management. We perform numerous private surgeries every month and cater to various patients' needs; our surgeons have a vast range of skills that ensure the highest quality of care and comfort of our patients.

The success of ASC private clinic in Vancouver is demonstrated through the positive patient surveys, the positive surgeon surveys, the low complication and infection rates, the rapid turnover and throughput allowed with a simplified system with the operating room, post anaesthetic recovery, central supply and housekeeping all working as a team.

We have received a three year accreditation from the College of Physicians and Surgeons of B.C. Since inception in 2004 over 6000 surgeries have been conducted at ASCV and not one fatal incident has occurred in that time. Patients, surgeons and our track record reflect our quality.

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